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Your Dreamspace remodel and extension of your home

sketch interior view of orangery 1

I am regularly told by clients that they have dreamt of winning the lottery and moving into a large new house with all those extra rooms.
You know, the large orangery, the swimming pool and spar, the cinema room etc
What they don’t realise is that a lot of these features can be added to their current house, (well maybe not the swimming pool).
As I have said before in my blogs ,a small house has many ways of being extended to create these Dreamspace rooms.
A lot of them don’t even need planning permission, just a building regulation application to make sure your builder does your extension to meet the current standards.
With the current planning legislation for larger home extensions being extended for a further 3 years, (until 2019) you have plenty of time to plan and design your dream extension.
Yes these rules for up to 6m on a semi or terrace and up to 8m on a detached house (instead of 3m and 4m respectively), have been been given an ‘extension’ of time.
Remember that you need to follow specific rules to be allowed this type of larger Dreamspace extension. These being the permitted development rules I have mentioned many times before.
You don’t need to move house to have your Dreamspace home. Just contact us at Homeplan Designs and we will help you get your design on to a plan with all the 3D visuals to get you up and running this year.
We can even help you choose the right builder.
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