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When is a rear extension not a rear extension

In permitted development PD terms a rear extension is not allowed within the PD rules if it is also a side extension.
As I have explained before the PD rules are very explicit in what can be built without planning permission.
In the above scenario, if you are wanting to build a ground floor extension with the usual allow projection of 3.0m for a semi and 4.0m for a detached property. You need to consider if there is any rear house projections ie a kitchen outrigger or a conservatory.
Your new extension can only be built up against this and be PD if what you are building will be less than half of the width of the full house. If it isn’t, what you want to built would need full householder Planning. Permission.
You can’t even say you would like to first demolish this existing house projection, and build a new full house width extension, as this goes against the rules.
Permitted development P D is great when it fits the situation as it speeds up the building process. Ie No waiting for the planners to take their 2 months plus time to consider and approve your plans. But you need to be sure that what you are building is truly P D.
There are many other rules that can trip you up, and you need to be sure that what you are building has the correct building permissions. Remember that even if you don’t need planning permission, in that it is P D, you will always need to get building regulation permission.
Building regs is about the construction details, where by planning is about how your extension looks and effects your neighbour.
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