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The attic conversion. The keystone in your project is to use Homeplan Designs

When considering extending to get the extra room. One of the easiest ways to form that new room, whether it be a bedroom or games room, is to have an attic conversion.
Whether your house is a semi-detached or detached house that new room in the roof space can be one of the biggest rooms in your house.
With the new staircase, usually fitted over the existing stairs to give head room, and possibly a new dormer across the back of the property. This type of extension can give a very roomy and airy area, which can even have an ensuite or separate bathroom off the top landing.
If designed properly it could even be done as a permitted development application i.e. not requiring planning permission.
This means, as we stated in our previous blogs, and articles, that it can be done very quickly because if it doesn’t need planning permission you don’t have to wait the two months that planning application takes to go through the council.
In fact we at Homeplan Designs, can design your project for you within a week, get your building regulation approval over the next week for your builder to start construction easily within three weeks of you instructing us.
Remember we at Homeplan Designs are specialists in this type of extension and permitted development, so we can advise you on the best solution for your own property.
Contact Chris at Homeplan Designs, telephone (01253) 737724, to discuss your project and arrange a site visit.
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