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New Planning Rules are coming for Small Householder extensions

Good News about Planning Applications for all potential Homeplan Design Clients.

NEW Government Planning Legislation is coming soon. (perhaps within the next month)

This will mean that PLANNING PERMISSION will NOT  be required for a single storey extension of up to 8m (approx 26ft) out from the rear of your property.

BUT REMEMBER !!     You will STILL need a plan with building specifications for BUILDING REGULATION approval and for your builder(s) to price the work and to build accurately from ..

SO instead of the 2 months (or more) you would have previously needed to wait to get your PLANNING APPROVAL, it will be a fast track system allowing you an extension that perhaps would NOT have been allowed previously. (8 metres is quite a large jump from the previously allowed 4m).

We could have your plans designed and drawn, and have you ready to build on site, with BUILDING REGULATION  approval, within a week to 10 days from an initial meeting with you.

Rear and side extension remodel with attic bedroom

Please ring Chris Sinkinson at Homeplan Designs to discuss this exciting new Government proposal for easing the backlog of extensions to householder development.

Remember that this new proposal is only going to last for a short period of time,  and after that it will go back to the ‘normal’ permitted development  ‘PD’ rules. Check this link to one of our other web pages to see see what they currently are. Planning PD.  If it goes ahead as currently proposed by the government, you will be allowed to build something that would NOT have been previously allowed if you had to apply for planning permission ie if it was ouside of the current Permitted Development ‘PD’ rules

Either ring us for a chat on 01253 737724 or 07971 293 182 or fill in the contact form on any of our web pages.

Please come back to our website for further updates

Note that it is quite possible that this previously permitted development extension (including this attic bedroom) could be doubled in size under the new planning rules.

We will update this Planning blog when further details are available to us


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