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How about Converting that unused space within your home

I am talking about attic, basement or garage conversions.

Attic conversions offer a convenient way to add an extra bedroom, bathroom or home office. The easiest way to tell if your roof area issuitable for conversion is to see if you can stand upright at its highest point, as this needs to be at least 2.3 metres.

Basement conversions are becoming very popular in urban areas where land is quite expensive, but should not be undertaken lightly. This specialist work to create a space that is waterproof, well ventilated and well lit, makes this kind of project much more expensive than attic conversions.

Also, consider if your garage is only used as a store for your household junk and broken toys, ask yourself if it would be better used as living space. You will need to upgrade the all the structure, walls, floor, roof to meet the current Building Regulations covering energy efficiency, damp-proofing and ventilation.


sketches bedroom over garage

Also if this upgrade and extension/conversion involves building on top of the garage, remember that the foundations will need to be checked to show they can take the extra load.

For a. discussion on the feasibility of any of these projects to remodel your house contact or ring him on 07971 293182 for friendly advice.

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