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House extensions – get yours designed and started quickly

So you have been thinking of that home extension – to give you the extra living space you have been promising yourself.

Xmas is over and we are into the New Year, so perhaps you are wanting to get things moving for a start of building early spring. .
So if you have never done it before let us help you get off to a flying start.
We are experts in designing and remodelling both small and large houses.
Plus we can explain the different kinds of permissions you need to be able to build in the UK.
These permissions range from

  • Permitted development (no planning permission required).

We can advise what kind and size of extension you are allowed to build using this permission,(which is basically building regs approved plans and specifications).
NOTE using our quickstart schemes we can often have you in a position to start building within 2 weeks !!!

  • Householder Planning permission.

This is often required for the larger more specialised or perhaps 2 storey extension (although surprisingly we can sometimes design this kind of extension to be built under permitted development).
Planning permission does take quite a bit longer in time (usually from 2 to 3 months), this is because the planning dept has to give your neighbours a ‘right to object’ of 3 weeks (21 days), before they can make any desicion on whether your design proposal is acceptable.
Homeplan Designs has been designing all kinds and styles of extensions for over 34 years, so we are confident that our designs and submissions on your behalf will be approved.
So why wait, give us a ring and we will explain the whole process to you. Our initial feasibilty discussion will be free, and if what you want is going to be permitted development, we are giving a £100 discount off our normal fee.
Ring and talk to Chris on 01253 737724 , or fill in our contact form.

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