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Homeplan Designs, Lancashire Architectural Consultant, Remodels 60’s Style House to Create a Stunning Contemporary Home with a building extension over 3 levels

Have a look at our recent press release (link shown below) on a project to extend and remodel an old ‘rundown’ 60’s style property, with a building extension at ground, 1st and 2nd floors.

building extension and remodels

Our client was requiring a contemporary look and feel to their recently acquired property.

They wanted a home they could retire to after a hard days work.

This required a complete remodel of the existing ‘dated’ building, with ground and 1st floor building extensions to the existing plan layout.  All this to form larger living rooms, an Orangery, open plan entrance hall with new bespoke staircases up to the 1st floor and the new attic rooms, a swimming pool and gymnasium, with additional bedrooms all ensuite.

We feel we did them proud and the  work on the building extension is now underway

“Rundown houses are often the point of speculation and local discussion. People wonder what these neglected structures once looked like and what they could become if they were restored. Sometimes these houses do get a second chance when they are re-visualized and remodeled by an architectural design specialist, who has the skills necessary to restore them to prime condition.

That is exactly what Lytham, Lancashire Architectural Consultant Chris Sinkinson, has set out to do. The current house he is redesigning is in a poor state of repair and looks out of place, sandwiched between a grand old Victorian home and a well-appointed large detached traditional brick residence. Chris and his client believe there is a lot of potential in this property, though.”

click on the link below, to see our press release about this wonderful remodel and building extension.


Just remember that you can speak to Chris at Homeplan Designs for all your building extension plans, and remodelling ideas.  Just fill in the adjacent  Contact Form or just ring him on 01253 737724 for a building extension quote.

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