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It Works!! – New Permitted Development ‘PD’ rules approvals have come through.


Here at Homeplan Designs we are pleased to say that several applications have been APPROVED which were submitted using the New ‘PD’  PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT Rules, ie for oversized  6.0m and 8.0m rear extensions .

All our clients can look forward to that larger extension NOT being hindered by the older  PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT limitations of 3.0m and 4.0m.


This means that a client can now save up to 5 weeks in the time a normal Planning Application would have taken to be dealt with.

ALSO bear in mind that this ‘normal’ planning application  would  usually have been refused Planning Permission (based on previous applications we have submitted).

Please contact Chris for him to explain the procedure.
tel 01253 737724
or email ….

Lookout for Future Blogs about this type of submission and for the lowdown on the New ‘PD’  PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT Rules

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