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Fantastic, quick, modern remodel and ‘refresh’ on an old 60’s style bungalow

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One of the best and simplest ways of upgrading your house is just to remodel the internal areas.

I have been into several houses and bungalows over the last few months which were designed the late 60s and 70s and they all seem to be full of corridors.
In fact the percentage of corridor to living and bedroom space in some of them is in the region of 25% which is ridiculous. Not only are these corridors taking up a lot of room but they are quite dark and one has to leave the lights on most of the day to get around the house.
It helps nowadays that modern living is about having larger rooms and perhaps less of them. So if there are separate kitchen and dining rooms plus sitting rooms and lounges, it makes sense to knock them through into larger rooms.
A complete reconfiguration of the ground floor area might only need a few walls removed to enable these room areas to be made into more useful spaces.
My most recent project was late a 60s style bungalow which was of the type of configuration we are talking about. To get to the bedrooms, which are at the front of the house, you would have to go in a complete U-turn pass the kitchen, dining and lounge rooms back on yourself, past the bathroom into the two bedrooms and box room. It sounds ridiculous but that is exactly what the layout was like.
My design solution for this was to reconfigure the room areas as follows. On entering the house through the front door to turn immediately right into the box room which becomes the main hall area leading onto the bathroom and two bedrooms.
The existing corridor leading round the current boxroom past the three rear rooms would become part of the three rooms by removing four walls and supporting the existing roof structure on steel beams.
This large area created right across the back of the building would be subdivided by a single partition wall with a sliding glazed door and screen into a lounge larger than the original lounge.
This area would be subdivided into two thirds and a third, the third being the lounge and the two thirds being a combined kitchen and dining area. The access door into the kitchen dining area would be formed just in front of the front entrance door adjacent to the new opening leading to hall and the bedrooms on the right.

barrell rear elevs
The three windows and doors across the back of the house would be replaced by two French doors with side glazing panels. Alternatively, there could be a French door off the lounge, with bifold doors of the combined kitchen and dining area.
This work being only internal alterations would be permitted development ‘PD’, in other words not requiring planning permission.
This meant that my client who had only recently purchased the bungalow could get his builders in to start this work within a month of moving into the property.
So without any extensions or planning permission a tired old bungalow was transformed into a modern bespoke dwelling.
We at Homeplan Designs are pleased to say that our client was over the moon with his new living areas.
If you are fed up with your existing house and would like what what we call a remodel or refresh, please contact Chris at Homeplan Designs, for a discussion on what the possibilities could be.
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