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Coulson – Attic Dormer Bedroom Extension

  • HP_1778A Coulson Attic Conversion Plans Elevations perspectives

  • HP_1778A Coulson Attic Conversion Sections

  • Proposed Rear elevation showing Attic Dormer


This is a typical Semi detached  house which Homeplan Designs extended into the attic/roof level. This to form an additional new spacious  bedroom with ensuite bathroom facilities.

The  extension was designed with permitted development PD requirements in mind. So as to not need a planning application.

The project was going to be built with Building Regulations permission only.

There were a few issues that needed resolving due to the fact that the ‘semi’ detached house was in fact in a row of 3 (what is termed as a ‘quasi’ semi.) This situation in Planning terms (permitted development PD Oct 2008)  actually makes the property into a terrace house. It brought the maximum allowed extended volume down to 40 cubic metres (instead of the usual 50 Cubic Metres allowed for a ‘true’  semi or a detached house).

To achieve this the rear dormer face was built approximately  300mm from the internal face of the rear brick wall and the dormer cheek brought in slightly  from the party wall. Careful volume calculation where assessed using the design model to confirm this was accurately dimensioned so that it could be confirmed later as a Lawful build under   permitted development PD.

This was another project designed by the Homeplan Design Team which helped our clients to achieve  their dreams and the full potential of  there existing property. Saving Thousands of pounds versus moving home.

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