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Case Study – 2 Storey Extension

CASE STUDY 2 – typical project to extend and re-model an existing 2 storey detached house.





Client Design Brief

Design an extension and remodel existing 3 bedrooms house. This to form an additional large ensuite master bedroom. Remodel other rooms to give more living space and if possible form a study room and re-site the main entrance door to the front elevation.

Existing House Layout

  • The existing house is a modern cement render finished house which has a side main entrance door.
  • The main lounge is an open vaulted area which has the height of the 2 stories.
  • The access between the front and rear 1st floor bedrooms is via a gallery landing overlooking the lounge.
  • There is a small ensuite bathroom to the main bedroom.
  • The main bathroom at 1st floor is small by today’s standards
  • There is open plan kitchen/living area with a connected conservatory area

So client request is (if possible)
Increase the size of the lounge and living area and create new living room.
Create New Utility room and New Study room
Re-site existing main entrance door to front of house
Form new additional master bedroom with ensuite facilities and enlarge one of the other bedrooms again with ensuite. Enlarge existing main bathroom.

Design Solution Requiring Planning Permission
Although the open vaulted Lounge is quite majestic it is slightly ‘over the top’ for this medium sized house. It also requires a lot of heating and isn’t ‘private’ when the children are in bed. So doesn’t allow for easy socialising when guests visit.

The proposal is to utilise the upper area of the lounge to form part of the new master bedroom. With the new 2 storey extension to the left side of the building this allows for this new bedroom and the existing front bedroom to be made ‘large’ and for both to have ensuite bathroom facilities.

The gf lower level of this extension forms a new Living room with sliding door access to allow the existing lounge to be increased to this size should the occasion be needed.

To re-site the existing main door to the front , the existing study will become the new hallway onto a new front door.

A further 2 storey extension to the right of the existing building will house a new utility room adjacent to the existing kitchen. This will have its own access door to the rear and will allow shopping to be easily brought from the adjacent garage/car space, instead of through the front door.

In front of this utility room will be a new study room. At 1st floor level over these rooms will be the new large bathroom.

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